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Workday/CIT Tech Impact Disc Project Workday_Disc_Proj:Workday/CIT Tech Impact Disc Project Casper vanWyk, Victoria Mikula 25 01/24/2011
NLSL_F90 Uploading the code for the F90 upgrade of NLSL Alumni Aaron Birkland(disabled), John Mark Franck, Siddarth Chandrasekaran, Steven R Lantz 4 06/27/2014
Inactive - PeopleSoft 8.9 Upgrade Upgrade the PeopleSoft HR, Payroll, Contributor Relations, and Student modules from version 8.0 to version 8.9. Lisa Stensland 1 09/26/2006
CIT-S&O CornellC Enterprise Server z/OS 1.7 upgrade Upgrade from z/OS 1.4 to z/OS 1.7 on the CornellC Enterprise Server (mainframe). Brian Messenger, Retiree Mark Bodenstein(disabled) 10 03/22/2007
CIT Projects To store project information and priorities Lisa Stensland 6 11/04/2009
Empty : CIT-CU/NYC Video Transmission Test To conduct a pass/fail test to determine whether it is feasible to transmit live video and audio from Ithaca to New York over IP at broadcast quality. Christopher Lyons 4 10/11/2007
Inactive - CIT - IS Cornell Connect This will be used for the AA&D project to implement Harris Connect. Barbara Skoblick(disabled), Kimberly Barrett 36 03/27/2009
SOA program This space documents processes, procedures, guidelines, local tools, industry links, local strategies, and other related news and efforts for continued support and development of Service Oriented Architecture based on web services at Cornell. Casper vanWyk, Donna Taber, Randy Negley(disabled), Retiree Kevin Leonard(disabled), Stephen M. Barrett, Steven Lutter(disabled) 21 07/31/2006
CIT-IS HR FTE Data this project will track the activity required to implement the process to capture Work Months. It requires modifications to PeopleSoft HR Job Record, HR/PY RDS, Budget System(CPBS) and the Budget Data Mart. Christopher Grippin, Shelley Ruth 3 05/31/2007
Cynergy This project will house code and artifacts in support of Cynergy, which is Cornell's implementation of Kuali Rice. Chad A. Hagstrom, Shawn Bower 34 03/18/2008
CIT-IS Electronic Pay Advice This project will be to launch the PeopleSoft Electronic Pay Advice pages into production use. Lisa Stensland 1 04/06/2007
CPMM Test Project This project was established for the purpose creating a template that supports the Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM). The template includes Trackers for Issues, Change Orders, and Risks along with a Standard Document Library structure for CPMM This can be used as a template for anyone establishing a new project using CPMM. Further changes and additions to the document folder structure and trackers can be made once the project is created. Gregory Menzenski 4 12/07/2006
Notification Services at Cornell This project represents the overall effort of five separate projects going on at Cornell that all come together to create a set of "Notification Services" for campus. This project houses information that is pertinent to all five projects. Jonathan Atherton(disabled), Stephen M. Barrett 4 07/24/2006
Inactive - "Daylight Saving Time change" Impact Analysis This project is to evaluate and mitigate the risk associated with DST change in 2007. Alumni Sanjeev Shukla(disabled), Cindy Pataki(disabled), Kathleen Parker 10 10/13/2006
OIT/CIT Project Management Office (PMO) This project is established to be a project repository for the OIT/CIT Project Management Office (PMO), track issues, have discussions forums and be a source of best practices for Project Management. This will support the Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM) being used in OIT/CIT). Gregory Menzenski, Luise Yacono, Nancy VanOrman(disabled) 13 04/06/2007
Notification System This project houses information regarding the development of the notification engine. John Fereira 6 07/17/2006
JIRA This project houses information regarding the central instance of JIRA that is owned by ATA in CIT and is offered to campus as part of the collaboration tool suite. Donivan Patwell, Joanne Button, Kent Dalpan, Lynn Baird, Shawn Bower, SourceForge Administrator (J.Button), Steve Edgar 10 04/21/2008
Inactive - Cornell System Architecture Guidelines This project houses information about architecture guidelines and recommendations for developing systems at Cornell. Beth Lyons 6 07/21/2006
Inactive - AAD Small Projects - Performance This project focuses on enhancing reporting capabilities and performance. Neil Belcher 6 09/13/2006
Confluence This project contains the source code for Confluence single sign-on. Barbara Friedman, Chad Bower, Donivan Patwell, Joanne Button, Kenneth Ridley, Kent Dalpan, Richard Cochran, SourceForge Administrator (J.Button), Timothy Cornwell 23 10/22/2006
Postdoc prep materials This page will list resources for applications for postdoctoral fellowships. This will include links to job postings, and compilations of postdoctoral fellowships. The purpose of this wiki page will be expanded as the semester progresses. Bhuvanesh Sundar 2 09/15/2016
Inactive - bm343_Sandbox This is Benoit's sandbox. Benoit McNicoll 1 01/21/2011
CU Abroad - StudioAbroad Implementation This is a project to assist the CU Abroad office install, configure, and integrate a 3rd party application called StudioAbroad, from TerraDotta. Nathan Reimer(disabled), Nazrin Tingstrom, Stephen M. Barrett 10 12/06/2007
CIT - iTunesU Discovery This is a discovery project to determine the feasibility of adding access and permission controls to Cornell's current instance of iTunesU for the purpose of uploading, distributing and viewing academic content. Retiree Clare Van Den Blink(disabled) 9 03/31/2010
IS Custom Applications Group This general space is to help manage documents and communications specific to the CIT IS Custom Apps group. Alan Hubberman(disabled), Beth Bement, Bryan Hutchinson, Chad Dumont, Christopher Brown, Cindy Pataki(disabled), David Koehler, Donna Taber, Frederick Jones(disabled), Hugh Edwards, Irina Naydich, Jay Hulslander, Jeremiah Shipman, John Udall, Michael Oltz, Michele Reichert, Nancy Kimble, Nazrin Tingstrom, Philip Robinson, RJ Davies, Retiree Kevin Leonard(disabled), Richard Marisa, Shannon Osburn, Stephen M. Barrett, Steven Lutter(disabled), Venkata Kambhampaty(disabled) 40 08/03/2006
CAC Public This contains publicly-available code, mostly tutorials in high performance computing. Alumni Aaron Birkland(disabled), Drew Dolgert(disabled), Lucia Walle, Steven R Lantz, Susan H Mehringer 5 06/17/2009
IS Infrastructure Code & Scripts There are numerous Sourceforge and "other" locations in which code and scripts (production and otherwise), developed and maintained by the IS Infrastructure team is stored. With the new high profile kerberos 4 to 5 effort, significant pieces of these code packages are being modified. Unfortunately, in many cases being able to locate the original source has been problematic. The intent of the repository requested with this artifact is to provide a location where all the disperate code pieces can be brought together. John Parker, Ned La Celle, Randy Negley(disabled), Robert Carozzoni(disabled) 12 11/25/2008
CIT-FIN Financial Reporting Replacement The project will identify current internal financial reporting requirements and design and implement a replacement for the current spreadsheet based delivery system. Erica Jessup, Frederick Jones(disabled), Retiree Jill Henery(disabled) 17 09/12/2008
SourceForge Task Teams The project is being set up to manage the work of the SourceForge Task Teams. The teams are charged with evaluating specific features of SourceForge and developing recommended practices for use of the product. Victoria Mikula 10 10/02/2006
Inactive: CIT-IS-Data Delivery Actuate Retirement The objective is migrate existing reporting delivered using Actuate to other report delivery methods and decommission the Actuate infrastructure. Frederick Jones(disabled), Shelley Ruth, William Labrecque(disabled) 45 11/09/2006
Blackboard - CIT Team The Blackboard course mangement system is supported across several divisions in CIT. This site will enable document sharing and communication within the CIT team Donivan Patwell, Marina Tokman, Retiree Clare Van Den Blink(disabled), Stephen M. Barrett, Todd Maniscalco, Victoria Mikula 31 09/11/2006
Engr SLAT SSN Spider Log Analysis Tool (SLAT) to aid users when they run the CU Spider tool on their computer. The tool will import the spider log, filter out obvious false positives, and guide the user through the process of analyzing the remaining log entries. Mark Sanford, Paul Davis 5 07/24/2006
Zipfel Lab Source/Documentation Source codes and documentation associated with instrumentation development in the Zipfel/Williams lab. Warren R. Zipfel 7 02/06/2009
Brio Hyperion Upgrade Requested Project Name: Brio Hyperion Upgrade Requested Project Key: Brio-Upgr Requested Anthony Damiani, Jeff Christen, Judith Kany, RJ Davies 42 11/30/2010
Remedy Training Remedy Training Michael Ferdinando, Michael Swenson 3 06/11/2007
Inactive - CIT-IdMgmt Outreach Project to track initiatives aimed at promoting awareness of Identity Management and reaching out to campus customers to better understand their identity management needs. Andrea Beesing 1 08/08/2007
Kuali Coeus Implementation Project Project to rollout the Kuali Coeus Research Administration system, in five modules over six years, ending 2016. Key Benefits: Single user interface for research administration and financial systems for campus community Integration between research administration systems Reduced faculty burden and better service levels Improved data for operational support and analysis Shawn Bower 7 01/11/2011
EZ-Backup Sustainability Project to implement power management features when using EZ-Backup TSM software in support of University Sustainability efforts Paul Zarnowski, Philip Halcomb(disabled), Robert Talda 9 04/02/2009
CIT-IS PS Integration R+D Project to evaluate different options for PS webservices Christine O'Brien, Steven Lutter(disabled) 12 11/09/2009
PGP Project to deploy PGP's Whole Disk Encryption Lisa Stensland, Michael Swenson 12 10/30/2009
Inactive - Portal Assessment and Retrofit Project to assess the current uPortal and make recommendations for future direction. Possibly improve and rebrand existing portal. Barbara Skoblick(disabled), Donna Taber 18 11/11/2008
Inactive - CIT-IdMgmt Federation Project for tracking Cornell's efforts to promote federated models for service delivery. Andrea Beesing 1 10/08/2007
Inactive - BHammock Project for team Banana Hammock, one of the groups in CIS 3000 (Game Design) this spring. Alumni Daniel Murphy(disabled), Alumni George Stefan Karalis(disabled), Alumni Ningchuan Wan(disabled), Alumni Sean Tracey Geronimo(disabled), Alumni Supasorn Suwajanakorn(disabled), Walker Mcmillan White 10 02/06/2011
Inactive - QA project project for QA Donivan Patwell 2 07/17/2006
Engr Web Site Project for Engineering Web Site to track issues and artifacts for our public web site and it's servers. Mike Hammer, Paul Davis 6 09/13/2006
Inactive - CIT-IS U-Grad Admissions Transfer Application PROJECT COMPLETED - This project will track the work involved in moving Transfer Application proocessing from Embark to Common App. Barbara Skoblick(disabled) 1 07/25/2006
CIT - IS Lessons Learned Project Please set up a new project for the Lessons Learned (sharing outcomes) project. Casper vanWyk, Christine O'Brien, Dale Austin(disabled), Graham Hall, Jean Gustafson, Ned La Celle, RJ Davies, Stephanie Herrick, William Labrecque(disabled) 29 10/16/2008
PeopleSoft Self-Service Infrastructure PeopleSoft Self-Service Infrastructure Donivan Patwell, Lisa Stensland, Marie Pollack, Retiree Patrick McCabe(disabled), Timothy Cornwell, Victoria Mikula 19 10/12/2006
Empty: NYC Services & Support nyc:NYC Services & Support Celisa Manly 1 04/07/2011
CIT-IS CVS Migtration From AIX to Sun Solaris Move the CVS instance off of the AIX OS platform. Support for AIX will be discontinued as of Dec. '07. Anthony Dellinger 1 10/30/2007