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Empty - FSAE-EE Cornell Racing (FSAE Project Team) Electrical Team SVN repo. Used for code and Altium projects. Tian Yao 4 07/16/2015
NLSL_F90 Uploading the code for the F90 upgrade of NLSL John Mark Franck, Siddarth Chandrasekaran, Steven R Lantz 3 06/27/2014
Inactive - CIT ASPC SUNY Add CIT ASPC SUNY Add Christine O'Brien, Jane Van Derzee, Shelley Ruth 9 09/17/2012
Inactive - Gift Processing Technical Discovery Gift_P_Tech_Disc:Gift Processing Technical Discovery Casper vanWyk 7 01/06/2012
Inactive - Portfolio Management Tool Discovery project to evaluate and choose a portfolio management tool to assist in documenting and reporting on major initiatives and projects at a high level. Andrew Slusar 2 09/26/2011
Inactive - CIT-COLTS-KRONOS Project CIT-COLTS-KRONOS Project Christine O'Brien, Victoria Mikula, Wes Buchanan 28 08/03/2011
XBAT, eXtensible Bio Acoustic Tool An extensible sound analysis application and MATLAB platform for developing sound analysis tools. Michael S Pitzrick 24 06/09/2011
Inactive - CIT-IS PeopleSoft Disaster Recovery in CCC CIT-IS PeopleSoft Disaster Recovery in CCC Christine O'Brien, Donivan Patwell, Marie Pollack, Timothy Cornwell, Victoria Mikula 13 04/25/2011
Inactive - AA&D Applications to CF9 Move applications off the AA&D server (WS01) that due to its’ age and support level is not reliable and could have hardware issues at any time. The server is housed at the AA&D Seneca Building location, and is maintained by CIT staff. The applications developed in MS Access and Oracle CF7 will be moved from that local server to the CIT Oracle CF9 Hosting Environment. Lisa Stensland 5 03/23/2011
Inactive - BHammock Project for team Banana Hammock, one of the groups in CIS 3000 (Game Design) this spring. Walker Mcmillan White 1 02/06/2011
mcfgcky2 a CKY parser for weighted MCFGs that computes the intersection grammar, handling sentence prefixes Jiwon Yun, John T. Hale, Tim Hunter 14 01/28/2011
Inactive - Workday/CIT Tech Impact Disc Project Workday_Disc_Proj:Workday/CIT Tech Impact Disc Project Casper vanWyk, Victoria Mikula 15 01/24/2011
Inactive - Kuali Coeus Implementation Project Project to rollout the Kuali Coeus Research Administration system, in five modules over six years, ending 2016. Key Benefits: Single user interface for research administration and financial systems for campus community Integration between research administration systems Reduced faculty burden and better service levels Improved data for operational support and analysis Bryan Hutchinson, Chad Bower 6 01/11/2011
Inactive - Brio Hyperion Upgrade Requested Project Name: Brio Hyperion Upgrade Requested Project Key: Brio-Upgr Requested Anthony Damiani, Jeff Christen, Judith Kany, RJ Davies 36 11/30/2010
Inactive - CIT-IS PeopleSoft AD Electronic Decision Load ASPC small project: Addition of a page in PeopleSoft that will accept electronic feeds of admission decision information for both undergraduate and graduate students. This will free staff from manual data entry and speed information processing during a time sensitive period for Admissions. Christine O'Brien, Jason Kahabka, Thomas Theimer 15 09/05/2010
Inactive - CUL iPhone App Contains source code and associated files for the Cornell University Library iPhone/iPod touch app. Matthew John Leo Connolly 2 07/20/2010
Inactive - CIT-IS ASPC PeopleSoft ELM T&PPEA CIT-IS ASPC PeopleSoft ELM T&PPEA Christine O'Brien, Donivan Patwell, Gregory Busby, Thomas Theimer 14 07/16/2010
Inactive: Mezey Lab Repository A repository of code for quantitative genetics and computational biology Jason G. Mezey, Juan L Rodriguez-Flores, Keegan Joseph Pierce Kelsey 4 06/30/2010
Inactive - CIT-IS-eApp CIT-IS-eApp Marie Pollack, Thomas Sessler 11 06/23/2010
Inactive - JWST Aperture Masking Development of James Webb Space Telescope Aperture Masking James Lloyd 9 04/28/2010
Inactive - CIT - iTunesU Discovery This is a discovery project to determine the feasibility of adding access and permission controls to Cornell's current instance of iTunesU for the purpose of uploading, distributing and viewing academic content. 5 03/31/2010
Inactive - CIT-IS SUNY Tran CIT-IS SUNY Tran Christine O'Brien, Jane Van Derzee 24 01/28/2010
Inactive - GRID/OEM as a Service GRID/OEM - AKA. Oracle Enterprise Manager / Grid as a Service offering Anthony Damiani, Garry Chen, Jenny Signor 3 01/25/2010
Inactive - Astronomy 3334 Spring 2010 Astronomy 3334 Class Project Development James Lloyd 11 01/25/2010
Inactive - CJAS File repository for Cornell Japanese Animation Society's executive board. CJAS is a registered student organization. The faculty advisor is Janice Kanemitsu of the Asian Studies Department: Jed Liu 1 01/01/2010