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Empty - CIT-IS-Data Delivery KPI Tools Evaluation Evaluate EssBase, MetricsBuilder, Dashboard Builder and others for suitability in delivering KPIs to Cornell Colleges and departments. Neil Belcher 2 11/09/2006
Empty - FSAE-EE Cornell Racing (FSAE Project Team) Electrical Team SVN repo. Used for code and Altium projects. Tian Yao 4 07/16/2015
Empty - STARS Small Project - AD Appl Fee Load AD is requesting that application fees no longer be loaded through the eApp process but instead be loaded via an automated procedure that would read a vendor input file and update PS with application fee status. Victoria Mikula 1 05/23/2008
ENGR - AguaClara AguaClara Automated Design - Developing automated designs of water treatment plants for communities in Honduras. Andrew B Hart, Casey Ann Garland, Kevin Juan, Meghan Rose Furton, Monroe Weber-Shirk, Serena Takada 40 03/03/2008
Inactive: CIT - CCAB CIT Change Advisory Board Bryan Benning, Charles Jessop, Glenn Larratt, Irina Naydich, Jenny Signor, Juan Salomon, Mariann Carpenter 8 06/29/2007
Inactive: CIT-IS-Data Delivery Actuate Retirement The objective is migrate existing reporting delivered using Actuate to other report delivery methods and decommission the Actuate infrastructure. Shelley Ruth 28 11/09/2006
Inactive: Mezey Lab Repository A repository of code for quantitative genetics and computational biology Jason G. Mezey, Juan L Rodriguez-Flores, Keegan Joseph Pierce Kelsey 4 06/30/2010
Inactive: Workflow Program Collaboration point for Workflow at Cornell Bryan Hutchinson, Jay Hulslander, Philip Robinson 13 07/19/2006
Inactive - "Daylight Saving Time change" Impact Analysis This project is to evaluate and mitigate the risk associated with DST change in 2007. Kathleen Parker 4 10/13/2006
Inactive - AA&D Applications to CF9 Move applications off the AA&D server (WS01) that due to its’ age and support level is not reliable and could have hardware issues at any time. The server is housed at the AA&D Seneca Building location, and is maintained by CIT staff. The applications developed in MS Access and Oracle CF7 will be moved from that local server to the CIT Oracle CF9 Hosting Environment. Lisa Stensland 5 03/23/2011
Inactive - AAD Small Projects - Performance This project focuses on enhancing reporting capabilities and performance. Neil Belcher 4 09/13/2006
Inactive - AFSTokens: AFS Tokens GUI for Linux and Macintosh AFSTokens: AFS Tokens GUI for Linux and Macintosh David Botsch 1 11/30/2006
Inactive - Astronomy 3334 Spring 2010 Astronomy 3334 Class Project Development James Lloyd 11 01/25/2010
Inactive - ATA ATA discussion and collaboration Donna Taber, Stephen M. Barrett 6 07/24/2006
Inactive - BA Methodology Collection of information about CIT's Business Analysis Methodology Gregory Busby, Kenton Hensley, RJ Davies, Shelley Ruth 4 07/26/2006
Inactive - BHammock Project for team Banana Hammock, one of the groups in CIS 3000 (Game Design) this spring. Walker Mcmillan White 1 02/06/2011
Inactive - Blackboard - CIT Team The Blackboard course mangement system is supported across several divisions in CIT. This site will enable document sharing and communication within the CIT team Donivan Patwell, Marina Tokman, Stephen M. Barrett, Todd Maniscalco, Victoria Mikula 19 09/11/2006
Inactive - Brio Hyperion Upgrade Requested Project Name: Brio Hyperion Upgrade Requested Project Key: Brio-Upgr Requested Anthony Damiani, Jeff Christen, Judith Kany, RJ Davies 36 11/30/2010
Inactive - CAC Public This contains publicly-available code, mostly tutorials in high performance computing. Lucia Walle, Steven R Lantz, Susan H Mehringer 3 06/17/2009
Inactive - CCE-StaffWebDev CCE Staff web site redevelopment, including staff directory, user dropbox, etc. Jonathan Wallace Baird, Joshua Brockner, Paul Treadwell 3 10/23/2006
Inactive - CIT ASPC SUNY Add CIT ASPC SUNY Add Christine O'Brien, Jane Van Derzee, Shelley Ruth 9 09/17/2012
Inactive - CIT-COLTS-KRONOS Project CIT-COLTS-KRONOS Project Christine O'Brien, Victoria Mikula, Wes Buchanan 28 08/03/2011
Inactive - CIT-FIN Financial Reporting Replacement The project will identify current internal financial reporting requirements and design and implement a replacement for the current spreadsheet based delivery system. Erica Jessup 13 09/12/2008
Inactive - CIT-IS Annual Production Processing Calendar Create the Annual Production Processing Calendar for The enterprise Server and PeopleSoft Systems Ann Lang 1 03/14/2007
Inactive - CIT-IS AP Check Printing at Mellon Bank CIT-IS AP Check Printing at Mellon Bank Catherine Salino 2 03/08/2007
Inactive - CIT-IS ASPC PeopleSoft ELM T&PPEA CIT-IS ASPC PeopleSoft ELM T&PPEA Christine O'Brien, Donivan Patwell, Gregory Busby, Thomas Theimer 14 07/16/2010
Inactive - CIT-IS CC-Relationship to Institution Page ASPC small project for student/campus community to create a Relationship to Institution page Christine O'Brien, Melinda Ziembiec 18 09/22/2009
Inactive - CIT - IS Cornell Connect This will be used for the AA&D project to implement Harris Connect. Kimberly Barrett 23 03/27/2009
Inactive - CIT-IS-eApp CIT-IS-eApp Marie Pollack, Thomas Sessler 11 06/23/2010
Inactive - CIT-IS Electronic Pay Advice This project will be to launch the PeopleSoft Electronic Pay Advice pages into production use. Lisa Stensland 1 04/06/2007
Inactive - CIT-IS HR FTE Data this project will track the activity required to implement the process to capture Work Months. It requires modifications to PeopleSoft HR Job Record, HR/PY RDS, Budget System(CPBS) and the Budget Data Mart. Christopher Grippin, Shelley Ruth 2 05/31/2007
Inactive - CIT - IS Lessons Learned Project Please set up a new project for the Lessons Learned (sharing outcomes) project. Casper vanWyk, Christine O'Brien, Graham Hall, Jean Gustafson, Ned La Celle, RJ Davies, Stephanie Herrick 20 10/16/2008
Inactive - CIT-IS PeopleSoft AD Electronic Decision Load ASPC small project: Addition of a page in PeopleSoft that will accept electronic feeds of admission decision information for both undergraduate and graduate students. This will free staff from manual data entry and speed information processing during a time sensitive period for Admissions. Christine O'Brien, Jason Kahabka, Thomas Theimer 15 09/05/2010
Inactive - CIT-IS PeopleSoft Disaster Recovery in CCC CIT-IS PeopleSoft Disaster Recovery in CCC Christine O'Brien, Donivan Patwell, Marie Pollack, Timothy Cornwell, Victoria Mikula 13 04/25/2011
Inactive - CIT-IS PS Integration R+D Project to evaluate different options for PS webservices Christine O'Brien 8 11/09/2009
Inactive - CIT-IS R+D PS Web Services CIT-IS R+D PS Web Services Christine O'Brien, Dennis Frederick, Stephen M. Barrett 9 08/13/2009
Inactive - CIT-IS SUNY Tran CIT-IS SUNY Tran Christine O'Brien, Jane Van Derzee 24 01/28/2010
Inactive - CIT - iTunesU Discovery This is a discovery project to determine the feasibility of adding access and permission controls to Cornell's current instance of iTunesU for the purpose of uploading, distributing and viewing academic content. 5 03/31/2010
Inactive - CIT Projects To store project information and priorities Lisa Stensland 5 11/04/2009
Inactive - CIT-S&O CornellC Enterprise Server z/OS 1.7 upgrade Upgrade from z/OS 1.4 to z/OS 1.7 on the CornellC Enterprise Server (mainframe). Brian Messenger 3 03/22/2007
Inactive - CIT-S&O Datacenter Network and Security Project CPMM Repository Gregory Menzenski, Laurie Collinsworth 17 10/18/2007
Inactive - CIT Service Catalog Development and maintenance of the CIT Service Catalog Celisa Manly 1 09/15/2008
Inactive - CIT Tech Support Operations Home for CIT Tech Support Operations projects - Tech Support and Public Computing Labs. Barbara Friedman, Eric Nobel, Patrick Washburn, Peter Skura 12 10/04/2006
Inactive - CJAS File repository for Cornell Japanese Animation Society's executive board. CJAS is a registered student organization. The faculty advisor is Janice Kanemitsu of the Asian Studies Department: Jed Liu 1 01/01/2010
Inactive - COG Academic Reporting Academic Reporting - Multi-college project to develop Web-based data gathering/updating infrastructure to feed into administrative reporting tools and to VIVO and other websites at Cornell. Paul Davis 2 01/29/2007
Inactive - COG - Academic Reporting Phase 2 Academic Reporting Phase 2 Casper vanWyk, Jane Pedersen, Joseph Grasso, Margaret Ferguson 8 09/22/2008
Inactive - CommonSpot Hosting Documentation and information regarding CommonSpot hosting Casper vanWyk, Nathan Reimer 19 09/29/2006
Inactive - Confluence This project contains the source code for Confluence single sign-on. Donivan Patwell, Joanne Button, Kent Dalpan, Richard Cochran, SourceForge Administrator (J.Button), Timothy Cornwell 12 10/22/2006
Inactive - Cornell System Architecture Guidelines This project houses information about architecture guidelines and recommendations for developing systems at Cornell. Beth Lyons 4 07/21/2006
Inactive - CPMM Test Project This project was established for the purpose creating a template that supports the Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM). The template includes Trackers for Issues, Change Orders, and Risks along with a Standard Document Library structure for CPMM This can be used as a template for anyone establishing a new project using CPMM. Further changes and additions to the document folder structure and trackers can be made once the project is created. Gregory Menzenski 3 12/07/2006