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Empty - CIT-IS-Data Delivery KPI Tools Evaluation

Evaluate EssBase, MetricsBuilder, Dashboard Builder and others for suitability in delivering KPIs to Cornell Colleges and departments.

2.6% 2 08/04/2017
Empty - FSAE-EE

Cornell Racing (FSAE Project Team) Electrical Team SVN repo. Used for code and Altium projects.

11.7% 2 08/04/2017
Empty - STARS Small Project - AD Appl Fee Load

AD is requesting that application fees no longer be loaded through the eApp process but instead be loaded via an automated procedure that would read a vendor input file and update PS with application fee status.

3.8% 1 06/22/2014
ENGR - AguaClara

AguaClara Automated Design - Developing automated designs of water treatment plants for communities in Honduras.

72% 32 02/17/2017
Inactive: CIT - CCAB

CIT Change Advisory Board

100% 8 04/11/2018
Inactive: CIT-IS-Data Delivery Actuate Retirement

The objective is migrate existing reporting delivered using Actuate to other report delivery methods and decommission the Actuate infrastructure.

90.8% 28 12/02/2016
Inactive: Mezey Lab Repository

A repository of code for quantitative genetics and computational biology

40% 3 12/02/2016
Inactive: Workflow Program

Collaboration point for Workflow at Cornell

98.2% 13 12/02/2016
Inactive - "Daylight Saving Time change" Impact Analysis

This project is to evaluate and mitigate the risk associated with DST change in 2007.

78.2% 4 06/22/2014
Inactive - AA&D Applications to CF9

Move applications off the AA&D server (WS01) that due to its’ age and support level is not reliable and could have hardware issues at any time. The server is housed at the AA&D Seneca Building location, and is maintained by CIT staff. The applications developed in MS Access and Oracle CF7 will be moved from that local server to the CIT Oracle CF9 Hosting Environment.

66.2% 5 08/01/2017
Inactive - AFSTokens: AFS Tokens GUI for Linux and Macintosh

AFSTokens: AFS Tokens GUI for Linux and Macintosh

76.1% 1 08/01/2017
Inactive - Astronomy 3334 Spring 2010

Astronomy 3334 Class Project Development

65% 11 08/01/2017
Inactive - ATA

ATA discussion and collaboration

89.7% 6 09/16/2015
Inactive - BA Methodology

Collection of information about CIT's Business Analysis Methodology

92.7% 4 07/24/2017
Inactive - BHammock

Project for team Banana Hammock, one of the groups in CIS 3000 (Game Design) this spring.

91.9% 1 08/04/2017