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IS Custom Applications Group

This general space is to help manage documents and communications specific to the CIT IS Custom Apps group.

98.9% 28 06/22/2014

Cornell's Fedora Implementation

98.6% 21 06/22/2014
Notification System

This project houses information regarding the development of the notification engine.

94.7% 6 06/22/2014
Blackboard - CIT Team

The Blackboard course mangement system is supported across several divisions in CIT. This site will enable document sharing and communication within the CIT team

94.3% 23 06/22/2014
Inactive - "Daylight Saving Time change" Impact Analysis

This project is to evaluate and mitigate the risk associated with DST change in 2007.

78.2% 4 06/22/2014
CPMM Test Project

This project was established for the purpose creating a template that supports the Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM). The template includes Trackers for Issues, Change Orders, and Risks along with a Standard Document Library structure for CPMM This can be used as a template for anyone establishing a new project using CPMM. Further changes and additions to the document folder structure and trackers can be made once the project is created.

88.7% 4 06/22/2014
AFSTokens: AFS Tokens GUI for Linux and Macintosh

AFSTokens: AFS Tokens GUI for Linux and Macintosh

75.9% 1 06/22/2014
CIT-IS Electronic Pay Advice

This project will be to launch the PeopleSoft Electronic Pay Advice pages into production use.

9.4% 1 06/22/2014
COG Academic Reporting

Academic Reporting - Multi-college project to develop Web-based data gathering/updating infrastructure to feed into administrative reporting tools and to VIVO and other websites at Cornell.

76.2% 2 06/22/2014
CIT-IS CVS Migtration From AIX to Sun Solaris

Move the CVS instance off of the AIX OS platform. Support for AIX will be discontinued as of Dec. '07.

28.3% 1 06/22/2014
Empty : CIT-CU/NYC Video Transmission Test

To conduct a pass/fail test to determine whether it is feasible to transmit live video and audio from Ithaca to New York over IP at broadcast quality.

25% 4 06/22/2014
CU Abroad - StudioAbroad Implementation

This is a project to assist the CU Abroad office install, configure, and integrate a 3rd party application called StudioAbroad, from TerraDotta.

78.1% 10 06/22/2014 StudioAbroad 6 (2336)
StudioAbroad 7 (1259)
Empty Vitro Ontology Editor and Semantic Web Application

A more generalized version of the tool used for the COG Academic Self-Reporting project and for VIVO (

6.8% 1 06/22/2014
Kuali at Cornell

A project for housing documents, information, web site code, etc related to Cornell's general involvement in Kuali.

20.1% 14 06/22/2014

This project will house code and artifacts in support of Cynergy, which is Cornell's implementation of Kuali Rice.

86.8% 34 06/22/2014