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Inactive - Confluence

This project contains the source code for Confluence single sign-on.

99.1% 12 08/09/2017
Inactive - MiniOCal

iPhone Program to talk to the Oracle Calendar server (through middleware included in this project)

31.5% 1 08/08/2017
Inactive - EZ-Backup Sustainability

Project to implement power management features when using EZ-Backup TSM software in support of University Sustainability efforts

77.1% 6 08/07/2017
Inactive - COG Academic Reporting

Academic Reporting - Multi-college project to develop Web-based data gathering/updating infrastructure to feed into administrative reporting tools and to VIVO and other websites at Cornell.

76.2% 2 08/07/2017
Inactive - CPMM Test Project

This project was established for the purpose creating a template that supports the Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM). The template includes Trackers for Issues, Change Orders, and Risks along with a Standard Document Library structure for CPMM This can be used as a template for anyone establishing a new project using CPMM. Further changes and additions to the document folder structure and trackers can be made once the project is created.

88.7% 3 08/07/2017
Inactive - IS Data Delivery Metadata Project

IS Data Delivery has been using "metadata" to support Developers and End Users in a variety of ways over the years. A project has been approved to do an Initial Assessment (where we are), Discovery (where we want to go) and Implementation (getting where we want to go) for standardized DD metadata creation, maintenance and use.

85.2% 16 08/07/2017
Inactive - Sustain

Collaboration between the Program of Computer Graphics and Architecture

82.5% 3 08/04/2017
Inactive - Remedy Training

Remedy Training

6.8% 3 08/04/2017
Inactive - BHammock

Project for team Banana Hammock, one of the groups in CIS 3000 (Game Design) this spring.

92% 1 08/04/2017
Inactive - SourceForge Task Teams

The project is being set up to manage the work of the SourceForge Task Teams. The teams are charged with evaluating specific features of SourceForge and developing recommended practices for use of the product.

82.3% 10 08/04/2017
Inactive - Emergency Mass Notification

Emergency Mass Notification Project

63.2% 5 08/04/2017
Inactive - Kuali at Cornell

A project for housing documents, information, web site code, etc related to Cornell's general involvement in Kuali.

21.2% 6 08/04/2017
Inactive - JIRA

This project houses information regarding the central instance of JIRA that is owned by ATA in CIT and is offered to campus as part of the collaboration tool suite.

97.5% 9 08/04/2017
Empty - FSAE-EE

Cornell Racing (FSAE Project Team) Electrical Team SVN repo. Used for code and Altium projects.

13.3% 4 08/04/2017
Inactive - Zipfel Lab Source/Documentation

Source codes and documentation associated with instrumentation development in the Zipfel/Williams lab.

79.8% 2 08/04/2017