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Inactive - Brio Hyperion Upgrade

Requested Project Name: Brio Hyperion Upgrade Requested Project Key: Brio-Upgr Requested

91% 36 08/01/2017
ENGR - AguaClara

AguaClara Automated Design - Developing automated designs of water treatment plants for communities in Honduras.

72% 32 02/17/2017
Inactive - KFS-PS Remediation Project

KFS-PS Remediation Project (repository for CPMM documents) and KFS-PS Impact Discovery Project (repository for CPMM documents)

78.5% 30 06/22/2014
Inactive: CIT-IS-Data Delivery Actuate Retirement

The objective is migrate existing reporting delivered using Actuate to other report delivery methods and decommission the Actuate infrastructure.

90.8% 28 12/02/2016
Inactive - CIT-COLTS-KRONOS Project


84.4% 27 08/02/2017
Inactive - IS Custom Applications Group

This general space is to help manage documents and communications specific to the CIT IS Custom Apps group.

98.9% 26 08/04/2017
Inactive - CIT-IS SUNY Tran


95.2% 24 08/01/2017
Inactive - CIT - IS Cornell Connect

This will be used for the AA&D project to implement Harris Connect.

92.9% 22 06/22/2014
XBAT, eXtensible Bio Acoustic Tool

An extensible sound analysis application and MATLAB platform for developing sound analysis tools.

9% 22 06/22/2014
Inactive - CIT - IS Lessons Learned Project

Please set up a new project for the Lessons Learned (sharing outcomes) project.

94.6% 20 08/04/2017
Inactive - Blackboard - CIT Team

The Blackboard course mangement system is supported across several divisions in CIT. This site will enable document sharing and communication within the CIT team

94.3% 19 08/01/2017
Inactive - CommonSpot Hosting

Documentation and information regarding CommonSpot hosting

92.5% 19 07/25/2017
Inactive - Fedora

Cornell's Fedora Implementation

98.6% 18 08/04/2017
Inactive - CIT-IS CC-Relationship to Institution Page

ASPC small project for student/campus community to create a Relationship to Institution page

91.3% 18 08/04/2017
Inactive - CIT-S&O Datacenter Network and Security Project

CPMM Repository

82.2% 17 08/04/2017