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Inactive: CIT - CCAB

CIT Change Advisory Board

100% 8 12/02/2016
TeamForge Administration

Information about using TeamForge. This project controls the news items listed on the front page.

99.5% 4 12/06/2015
Inactive - Confluence

This project contains the source code for Confluence single sign-on.

99.1% 12 08/09/2017
Inactive - IS Custom Applications Group

This general space is to help manage documents and communications specific to the CIT IS Custom Apps group.

98.9% 26 08/04/2017
Inactive - Fedora

Cornell's Fedora Implementation

98.6% 19 08/04/2017
Inactive: Workflow Program

Collaboration point for Workflow at Cornell

98.2% 13 12/02/2016
Inactive - CIT Service Catalog

Development and maintenance of the CIT Service Catalog

98.1% 1 08/04/2017
Inactive - JIRA

This project houses information regarding the central instance of JIRA that is owned by ATA in CIT and is offered to campus as part of the collaboration tool suite.

97.5% 9 08/04/2017
Inactive - PeopleSoft Self-Service Infrastructure

PeopleSoft Self-Service Infrastructure

95.5% 12 08/04/2017
Inactive - CIT Tech Support Operations

Home for CIT Tech Support Operations projects - Tech Support and Public Computing Labs.

95.4% 12 08/02/2017
Inactive - CIT-IS SUNY Tran


95.2% 24 08/01/2017
Inactive - Notification System

This project houses information regarding the development of the notification engine.

94.8% 4 08/04/2017
Inactive - CIT - IS Lessons Learned Project

Please set up a new project for the Lessons Learned (sharing outcomes) project.

94.6% 20 08/04/2017
Inactive - Blackboard - CIT Team

The Blackboard course mangement system is supported across several divisions in CIT. This site will enable document sharing and communication within the CIT team

94.3% 19 08/01/2017
Inactive - Engr Web Site

Project for Engineering Web Site to track issues and artifacts for our public web site and it's servers.

94.3% 5 08/04/2017