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TeamForge Administration

Information about using TeamForge. This project controls the news items listed on the front page.

99.5% 4 12/06/2015
Notification System

This project houses information regarding the development of the notification engine.

94.7% 6 06/22/2014
Kuali at Cornell

A project for housing documents, information, web site code, etc related to Cornell's general involvement in Kuali.

21.8% 14 06/22/2014
IS Infrastructure Code & Scripts

There are numerous Sourceforge and "other" locations in which code and scripts (production and otherwise), developed and maintained by the IS Infrastructure team is stored. With the new high profile kerberos 4 to 5 effort, significant pieces of these code packages are being modified. Unfortunately, in many cases being able to locate the original source has been problematic. The intent of the repository requested with this artifact is to provide a location where all the disperate code pieces can be brought together.

84.5% 12 06/22/2014
IS Custom Applications Group

This general space is to help manage documents and communications specific to the CIT IS Custom Apps group.

98.9% 40 06/22/2014
Inactive - mcfgcky2

a CKY parser for weighted MCFGs that computes the intersection grammar, handling sentence prefixes

76.2% 19 12/02/2016
Inactive - KFS-PS Remediation Project

KFS-PS Remediation Project (repository for CPMM documents) and KFS-PS Impact Discovery Project (repository for CPMM documents)

78.4% 45 06/22/2014
Inactive - JWST Aperture Masking

Development of James Webb Space Telescope Aperture Masking

73.6% 9 12/02/2016
Inactive - Cornell System Architecture Guidelines

This project houses information about architecture guidelines and recommendations for developing systems at Cornell.

89.4% 6 09/16/2015
Inactive - CIT-IS U-Grad Admissions Transfer Application

PROJECT COMPLETED - This project will track the work involved in moving Transfer Application proocessing from Embark to Common App.

84.7% 1 06/22/2014
Inactive - BHammock

Project for team Banana Hammock, one of the groups in CIS 3000 (Game Design) this spring.

91.9% 10 12/13/2014
Inactive - ATA

ATA discussion and collaboration

89.7% 16 09/16/2015
Inactive: Workflow Program

Collaboration point for Workflow at Cornell

98.2% 23 12/02/2016
Inactive: Mezey Lab Repository

A repository of code for quantitative genetics and computational biology

43.7% 12 12/02/2016
Inactive: CIT-IS-Data Delivery Actuate Retirement

The objective is migrate existing reporting delivered using Actuate to other report delivery methods and decommission the Actuate infrastructure.

90.8% 45 12/02/2016